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On our website you can get to know our department more closely – with its employees and their activities. We hope that your visit will be useful. We will always appreciate all suggestions and wishes.


Integral lecture

We invite you to an integral lecture on the topic “Headache”, which will be organized in cooperation with the department of internal diseases-3, simulation training, psychiatry and narcology and neurology departments. The integral lecture will be held on May 25 830 at the Department of Internal Diseases N3 in the 3rd clinical city hospital (4th floor, conference room).

Open lecture

On December 25, 2021, associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine №3 M.E. Rakhimova will give an open lecture to students of the 608th group of the medical faculty №2 on the topic “Differential diagnosis of arrhythmias and blockades. Clinical and ECG signs. GP tactics”.

Address: Tashkent city, Mirabad district, A. Fitrat street, 20. City clinical hospital №3.

Lesson of independence

September 6, 2021 at the Department of Internal Medicine № 3 years proved the lesson of independence on the basis of the activities of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the occasion of the third anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and presented a presentation on “Independence of our country – for us the source of strength and inspiration, the basis of development and prosperity.”

We, the team of our chair sincerely congratulates Rustam Ismatullaevich Turakulov on the occasion of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

An integral lecture passed

On May 18, 2021, for the 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine, a joint integral lecture of the departments of Internal Medicine No. 3, Faculty and Hospital Therapy No. 2, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery with VPH was held; oncology and phthisiology on the topic “Back pain”.


On April 8, 2021, an online webinar was held with the participation of A.A. Samsonov, professor of the Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases and Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine, MGUMS.

Assistant Khalmetova Feruza Iskandarovna was nominated for “The best speaker”at the “International scientific-practical conference of young students 2021”.

Within the framework of research work at the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3, a methodological recommendation “METHOD FOR TREATMENT OF PATIENTS WITH OSTEOARTHRITIS TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE DYNAMICS OF THE OLIGOMERIC MATRIX CARRYING PROTEIN” has been prepared (26.03.2021).

According to the results of the nominations competition held at the Academic Council, the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 was awarded the nomination “The most active department in the field of educational work”. (18.03.2021)

Congratulations to all the staff of the department.

According to the results of the competition of nominations, Professor of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 3 Abdugaffor Gadaev was awarded the nomination “The best author of a textbook”.

(13.03.2012) The 2nd stage of the “TMA Student of the Year” competition has passed.

(12.03.2012.) In the rural family polyclinic No. 22 of the Tashkent region, under the guidance of the assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 3 of the TMA Buranova S.N. with the participation of 604-605 students of 6-year groups of the medical and pedagogical faculty, a medical examination was carried out among the population.

First stage of SSS passed at our department. Participants of SSS made their reports. All the reports were very interesting and very informative. The presentations were bright, colorful and the latest technologies were used in creating slides. All participants were awarded certificates.

In February 2021, the assistant of our department, Turaev I.A., in cooperation with general practitioners of family polyclinics in the Namangan region, participated in promoting a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness among the population, and also conducted medical consultations.

On January 14, 2021, another online webinar was held with the participation of the faculty of the Department of Internal Medicine-3 clinical residents and masters, as well as the Medical University of Astana of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Employees of the department create video lectures and audio lectures for 6th year students (05.25.2020)

At present, the staff of our department are L.A. Abdurakhimova, N.M. Abdurakhmanova, S.N. Buranova. and Khalmetova F.I. undergo distance learning at the “Branch center for retraining and advanced training of teaching staff at TMA” (10/07/2020).

Employees of the department create video lectures and audio lectures for 6th year students (05.25.2020)

A clinical analysis of a patient with rare diseases was conducted with the participation of the department staff and doctors of the clinic of the City Clinical Hospital No. 3 (25.02.2020).


Congratulations to the senior teachers of the department L.A. Abdurahimova and N.M. Abdurakhmanova on receiving a PhD diploma (15/10/2019).

Congratulations to our teacher A.G. Gadayev on his anniversary (17.09.2019).

On April 12, 2019, the 3rd city clinical hospital hosted an open lecture by the head of the department “Internal Diseases No. 3”, MD. Akhmedov Kh.S. on the topic “Articular syndrome, GP tactics”.

The department held a presentation (02/26/2019) on the topic “Evidence-Based Medicine

The staff of our department senior teacher Abdurahmanova N.M. and аssistant Buranova S.N. from November 15 to December 9, 2018, they underwent a refresher course at the Emek Medical Center in Israel

Dear students!

Our department is planning to open the Young Rheumatology group.
You can become a member.

Visit to school

Abdurahimova L.A. visited Koryo University in South Korea


December 1, 2017 at the Department of Internal Medicine No. 3 of the Tashkent Medical Academy, a master class was held on topical issues of diagnosis, elimination of risk factors and prevention of nephrogenic arterial hypertension conducted by Professor Chong Guk Lee (South Korea) with the participation of faculty and students 6 -The course of the medical-pedagogical faculty. During the master class there were interesting questions and answers and a discussion in which 601 and 602 students showed themselves – Tashbekov Sherzod, Mingbaeva Sevara, Melikova Nigina.

Employees of our department, Associate Professor M.E. Rakhimova and Ass.D.A.Azzalova participated in the TV show “Mening Yurtim” and “Odamlar Orasida”

Modern information and communication technologies were introduced at our departmen