Training purpose:
               To teach students to a posindromalny solution of the problem of patients and the principles of their maintaining in the conditions of primary link of health care for the rendering medical assistance including prevention, early diagnostics, differential diagnostics and tactics of maintaining the patient with diseases of the internals provided by requirements of “The qualification characteristic of the general practitioner (GP)” of the doctor graduate in “Medical business”.
Problems of training:
·         To train students in timely and early diagnosis of diseases on the basis of sindromalny approach.
·         To train students to otdifferentsirovat the diseases which are followed with a certain syndrome.
·         To improve necessary knowledge, abilities and practical skills (collection of information, identification of a problem and fizikalny survey, and also ability reasonably to appoint laboratory and tool methods of researches, skills of consultation);
·         To train students reasonably to choose maintaining tactics.
·         To train students in purposeful implementation of treatment-and-prophylactic measures.
·         To train students in the principles of dispensary supervision and monitoring in the conditions of the rural medical point or the family policlinic.