History of department

Acquisition of independence by Uzbekistan and formation of the market relations in the republic, certainly, served as the prerequisite, as well as in other branches, for reforming of the health system providing development of medicine from an extensive way to the intensive. Therefore priority tasks in reforming is strengthening of a role of primary health care meeting the requirements of time, and also conforming to the international standards. In this connection, in our country the rural medical points and the family policlinics which are equipped with the modern medical equipment are created and came to replacement of primary link of health care to already inefficient establishments. Also, in the conditions of changes there was a need for experts of JP giving many-sided medical and sanitary and economically effective help to the population in the conditions of SVP and the joint venture. In this connection, since 1997 in the highest medical educational institutions to our republic began training of bachelors on the general medical practice, and also 10 monthly retraining of doctors of primary link of health care. Therefore on the basis of a 1-TashMI the chair of training of the general practitioner.