A joint webinar was held.

On January 14, 2021, another online webinar was held with the participation of the teaching staff of the Department of Internal Diseases-3, clinical residents and undergraduates. The webinar was organized in the form of online scientific-practical conference jointly between the departments for internal diseases-3, of the Department of Pedagogy and psychology of the Tashkent medical Academy and with the participation of the Department in the preparation of a GP medical University of Astana in Kazakhstan and was devoted to innovative strategies in medical education and the development of competencies of the teacher medical University: challenges and solutions. With their reports in the form of the presentation were: head of the Department of internal diseases-3 TMA, M. D. Akhmedov, H. S., Assoc. Abdurahimova L. A. on the topic “The role of simulation training in the development of practical skills”, Koikov V. V., Umbetzhanova A. T. “Evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific activities of medical universities and their employees”, Assoc.Khoshimova M. K., Narmetova Yu. K. “Actual issues of bioethics and moral education in medical education”, Abduldaeva A. A. “Competence-based approach in the field of higher education on the example of the NAO “Astana Medical University””, Assoc. Melibaeva R.N., Raupova Sh. A” ” Professional destruction and deformation as a psychological problem in medical activity”, Khamchiev K. M., Derbisalina G. A. “virtual inverted lecture (flipped lecture) and its role in the implementation of the student-centered approach in medical education”, Bukeeva Zh. K., Utenova G. M., Derbisalina G. A. “Rating of educational activities of medical university employees: advantages and disadvantages, solutions”, Assoc. Akhmedova M. A., Komilova M. O., Iskandzhanova F. K. “The importance of critical thinking in the formation of subjectivity of medical university students”. Ideas and strategies of innovative approaches in the education system in medical universities were presented. Also, some aspects and issues between the participants of the conferences were discussed.

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