An integral lecture passed

On May 18, 2021, for the 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine, a joint integral lecture of the departments of Internal Medicine No. 3, Faculty and Hospital Therapy No. 2, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery with VPH was held; oncology and phthisiology on the topic “Back pain”.

The following lectures were listened to:

 1) Neurological causes of back pain. Lecturer: prof. Rakhimbaeva G.S.

 2) Rheumatological causes of back pain. Lecturers: MD Kh.S. Akhmedov, Assoc. M. Abdurakhmanova

 3) Back pain in orthopedic diseases. Lecturer prof. Asilova S.U.

 4) Nephrological causes of back pain. Lecturer: MD A.A. Zhabborov

 5) Phthisiatric back pain: Lecturer: Khodzhaeva M.I.

 6) Cancer causes of back pain. Lecturer: Kurbankulov U

Integral lecture was delivered in hybrid order via ZOOM and offline

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